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Round up coming, but read this now:

First I want to share this review in Le Journal de la Photographie from their round-up of important books of the season. http://lejournaldelaphotographie.com/archives/by_date/2012-09-19/8481/ken-schles-oculus I hope you’ll read this review and seek out the book or open it if you come across it… Because I’m traveling (in Istanbul right now where I gave a talk at … Continue reading

The Look Of Love

About six weeks ago both my aged parents died. They had a dual funeral. Their coffins were lowered side by side, simultaneously into their grave. After hearing of this, more than one person has asked me if they were in an accident. There had been no accident. They died independently of each other, in separate … Continue reading

A Call from the Wilderness, or What Gets Lost and What Gets Created

[New blog entry for the FOAM Museum  Blog in Amsterdam. This is how they describe it: Foam Blog’s heavyweight Ken Schles is back. Here he acknowledges the important role programmes like Noorderlicht play in supporting the development of an artist’s practice.] Far from it for me to second-guess policy concerning the Eurozone’s economic crisis or make … Continue reading

Staving Off Infinite Regress By Way Of Interpreting Agee

This entry is a feeder for a blog entry I wrote for FOAM’s blog. FOAM is the FOto museum AMsterdam. I’ll be writing an entry once a month. In this, my first foray into the FOAM bloggersphere, I use James Agee as a starting point to describe the relationship between seeing and knowing. James Agee, begins … Continue reading

Signed Photobook Giveaway #2. This time it’s my book. Oculus.

If you haven’t got one yet or you couldn’t afford it, here’s your opportunity to get one for free (don’t tell Noorderlicht my publisher). Signed Photobook Giveaway #2 courtesy of Claxton Projects Posted 29 April 2012 Ken Schles, Oculus (Noorderlicht, 2011. Signed First Edition). “We negotiate our elusive lives between spaces of dark and light, between … Continue reading

BYOB (bring your own *photo* book)

Phot(o)lia_Invitation_04-21-2012-1 “Bring your favorite photobook and discover new books and meet other New Yorkers with the same passion. We are starting a series of conversations about photobooks with photographers. We are honoured to have Ken Schles as our first guest. Ken Schles will join us for a conversation about his most recent book “Oculus”.” It … Continue reading

The On Shadow Interview

I had the opportunity to sit down with photographer Ken Schles a few weeks ago to discuss some ideas that had recently been bouncing round my head and how they related to some of the ideas discussed in his books.  We started talking as soon as I arrived at his home, but I wasn’t able … Continue reading

Oculus Video

The video of/for my book Oculus has gotten about 1500 1600 views from 37 over 40 different countries so far. Right on. But here is a strange statistic: most people in the United States that have viewed the video have been male (84%). In New York alone the numbers skew to 87.5%. The UK 67% male. Brazil … Continue reading

Valences of Context

I’ve written an essay entitled “Infinite Stupidities.” The title comes directly from this Mark Pagel video found on Edge.org. My essay appears as two guest blog entries for the esteemed and accomplished critic A.D. Coleman on his blog Photocritic International. I guess there’s a little bit to unravel to understand the context of my essay. … Continue reading

Oculus Distribution

So where is Oculus currently available? Of course there is my website, but it’s also available in these fine stores as well (I’ll keep updating this page as placement spreads). Let me know if there is a store near you that you’d like to see it in: ICP Bookstore NYC MoMA NYC Ursus Books  NYC Spoonbill & Sugartown NYC … Continue reading