the metaphor of light

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The Look Of Love

About six weeks ago both my aged parents died. They had a dual funeral. Their coffins were lowered side by side, simultaneously into their grave. After hearing of this, more than one person has asked me if they were in an accident. There had been no accident. They died independently of each other, in separate … Continue reading

Oculus Video

The video of/for my book Oculus has gotten about 1500 1600 views from 37 over 40 different countries so far. Right on. But here is a strange statistic: most people in the United States that have viewed the video have been male (84%). In New York alone the numbers skew to 87.5%. The UK 67% male. Brazil … Continue reading

getting personal with Nabokov

From Vladimir Nabokov, Speak, Memory. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1999, p.9: The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness. There is alway a question about the genesis of a project. Where did the idea come from/what were … Continue reading